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To have to wonder whether falling down, having a seizure, sleeping on the couch, kneeling down in the garden, having my hands full of groceries or laundry, or doing anything else to signal vulnerability, might trigger my dog to attack and try to kill me. June 2019, Kern County, CA Crystal Pearigen, 36 Fatal dog attack involving pit bull(s) May 2019, St. Lucie County, FL Christine Liquori, 52 Fatal pit bull attack. The attack by a pit bull sent a 19-year-old to the emergency room and one of the horses to the vet. This is horrendous. If you can’t trust the dog, you’re not being protected. He said that’s not the right word. Just the family & the family dog. Thus post-2007 pit bull advocacy by humane organizations has coincided with at least 5,778 pit bull attacks over the baseline,  or 445 additional pit bull attacks per year. The dead eye stare in the 2016 pic is not a great combo with a dog physically capable of killing someone. The family pit bull suspected in the mauling death of its owner in Somerset, Massachusetts. Pit bull attack fatality #33 of 2019 was Melissa Ausmus Astacio,  44,  of Somerset, Rhode Island. How about that it is a pit, it’s in the genes. Infant in a stroller. A “good” (useful, skilled, fulfills its purpose) fighting dog makes a horrible pet. They obey or they do not obey. Sheriff's... Lana Bergman. Johana Villafane, 33, died after her own pit bulls attacked her in Irving, Texas. The dogs' owner was ordered to complete 150 hours unpaid work and pay costs of £3,340, and was banned from owning any animal, or having … Somerset, MA - A 44-year old woman died after being mauled by a family pit bull. More recently, Dustin Bryan, 21, was killed by pit bulls while sleeping on the couch of the dog owner's home in Modesto, California. Are they useful? Updated 4:48 PM ET, Wed July 24, 2019 . I said arrogant. I was night staff supervisor, and I walked into the building while mouth holding a medium size flashlight, keys in one hand, and radio in my other hand. Hollis is 264 miles southeast of Bennington,  Oklahoma,  population 334,  where Allen Bruce,  56,  was killed in a similar unwitnessed attack on September 28,  2019. I remember when 36 was a lot. The pit bull owners were ticketed for failure to vaccinate the dog against rabies and for allowing the dog to run at large. They weren’t bred/wired to attack and kill … to literally pounce on supine living creatures in their midst and maul them to death. 2019 pit bull attack victim #31 was retired Christmas tree farmer Cledith Ray Davenport,  79,  of Broken Bow,  Oklahoma,  86 miles east of Hollis,  population 4,076. She suffered from seizures and the details still are unclear why, our family dog attacked my mother while having a seizure. They are quite conscious of the fact that the dog is a stone cold biter. Piney was fine until the wedding. Wonderful summary of the purpose of dogs! The attack happened when the officer went to Millard's house to retrieve the scooter. Fighting dogs were bred to fill humans’ wicked appetites for violence, cruelty, and greed. Two of those six people were children at the same wedding. There appears to be at least one and possibly two personality disorders in this home. A record number of dog fatalities this year, and supposedly vaping is the big problem. Elysandra writes, "On Dec. 20, 2019 my mother passed away unexpectedly. A third pit bull found at the scene reportedly belonged to Garces,  the victim. There is no excuse, in 2019, almost 2020, to not know the dangers of these dogs. Melissa Astacio, 44-years old, died after being viciously attacked by her pet pit bull. If they do bite out of fear (IF! Afterwords my boyfriend and I could not think of what you would call somebody who thinks like that. Piney has to protect the female owner (the same one he bites) when she sleeps and lunges at his male owner (Ira). I believe the term sociopath might be the word you’re looking for. In the 15-year period of 2005 through 2019, canines killed 521 Americans. (See Houston dog fancier killed: “Before pit bulls, it was Dobermans”?). I don't know how or what to do.". Since when did people bring dogs to weddings? Do they serve, obey, protect, give comfort and cheer? Of course, she’s in shock, but still? I’ve had pit bull mixes in the past (before becoming mature and educated), and they didn’t offer anything special that a normal dog can’t provide. Quote snip: “…or doing anything else to signal vulnerability, might trigger my dog to attack and try to kill me. if you are attacked; … This is a terrible tragedy. Through our work, we hope to protect both people and pets from future attacks. Pit bull advocate involved in breeding killed in South Carolina, Pit bulls killed 33 of 46 U.S. victims of fatal dog attacks in 2019, Trixie the whale shark dies young at the Georgia Aquarium, Kaavan flies to sanctuary with “elephant singers” Cher and Amir Khalil, Law protects birds from poaching but not oil spills, says Trump administration. Isn’t that a (gruesome) record for the year? I care about horses but I care more about people injured and killed by dogs that are supposed to be pets. Two German Shepherds were approved to be in the picture. They are doing what they were created to do, purposes which were and are noble. A toddler. Police shot two pit bulls allegedly belonging to brothers Jacob Benavidez,  53,  and Ruben Benavidez,  44,  at the scene. Mr. glass goes on to tell the audience that his pitbull has bitten six people. ”. What horrific deaths these human victims endured. Her daughter called 911 and said that her mother was having a seizure when the dog started to attack her, according to a press release from the Bristol County District Attorney's Office. There are reports the breed was a pit bull, but ACT Police has yet to confirm the dog type. Horrific video shows pit bull kill beloved Pom before helpless owner’s eyes Updated Mar 29, 2019; Posted Mar 29, 2019 GRAPHIC CONTENT: Pit bull kills family dog in savage attack The animal was taken into custody by Swansea Animal rescue, states the release. Two days later few more details had been released,  including the identity of the deceased,  whether she was acquainted with the hospitalized victim,  and whether one victim had tried to help the other. Of the 5,714 humans who have been disfigured by dogs 1982-2018, 4,346 were disfigured by pit bulls; of the 763 deaths, 446 resulted from pit bull attacks and another 109 by Rottweiler attacks. The story is sickening. I do sometimes wonder if these people have ever enjoyed having a normal dog. Recall this fable. “Astacio,  44,  was having a seizure inside her home when the family dog began to attack around 5:20 p.m.,  according to the Bristol District Attorney’s Office,”  reported Scott J. Croteau of MassLive.com. June 2019, Ventura County, CA Maria Crawford, 54 Fatal pit bull attack. There’s a family like that in my neighborhood. The show covers four stories of pets doing incredible things. Yet they are responsible for more than half of … A family member called 911 stating that the pit bull attacked the child and would not let go. Friendly breeds were not artificially selected/bred for unprovoked, no warning attacking and maiming and killing. They act as if pit bulls are the only dogs which can snuggle, or lick, or return love. May 2019, Jefferson County, KY Another fatality, my heart hurts. ... running straight toward the pit bull. Pit roulette. and just accidentally killed mom trying to help, unbelievable. The always friendly dog immediately went into menacing threateningly mode. Piney takes Valium. Lana Bergman, 70-years old, was killed by four pit bulls belonging to guests on her property. He thinks the whole thing is funny. Likewise occurring coincidental with post-2007 pit bull advocacy by humane organizations have been at least 4,127 additional disfigurements,  or 318 additional disfigurements per year. Great post, several key points very well said and very nicely stated. “Elysandra Astacio started a GoFundMe to help pay for her mother’s funeral,”  Croteau mentioned. 2019 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bull Kills 44-Year Old Female Owner in Somerset, Massachusetts. Police responded to the house around noon in the 3800 block of Grand Avenue in the Chickasaw neighborhood on reports of a child in the mouth of a pit bull, according to dispatch records. Dogs have no moral agency. Who brings their pitbull to a wedding? Police were forced to Taser the dog before they could help the victim. Sue M. June 26, 2019 at 8:04 pm. He said that his dogs attacked a second woman,  who he believed was dead in a ditch,  according to a spokesperson for the Houston Police Department.”, “A friend of the deceased said the woman made a living working the streets,  but said she was sweet and giving,”  Walker added. "Pit bulls killed 30 times more animals in 2018 than human crime, " Animals 24/7 reported on January 6, 2019, emphasizing that an increasing number of … Absolutely! Astacio's mauling death marks the seventh adult, ages 40 to 49, killed by a dog this year. Because if they’d ever had a normal dog, they would see that a normal dog can do anything beneficial as a companion animal that a pit bull can, with almost none of the liability, the danger, the hassle from frequent escapes or the potential grief involved in having a pit bull. So they create it. He calls them nips. But HEY, let’s make them all service dogs! The Thornhill family apparently no longer lives in the same house. What are the odds??? Colleen, is this correct? Occasionally, unpredictably, the real inner animal comes out. Forgot to say: it helps if you brace your hands on a table or against the wall or something, to help you balance at first. Compare that to the purebred Chow Chow, which has a fatal-attack rate of 0.005 percent, and consistently ranks as the least child-friendly dog breed on the market." During that 36-year period, only 0.0012 percent of the estimated Pit Bull population was involved in a fatal attack. This is INSANE!!! The first three letters of this dog DIE says it all. Sharing, with gratitude, sadness, frustration, and eternal hope. Davenport’s wife Elaine,  to whom he was married for 54 years,  and his two sons and daughters have reportedly told local media that they would like to see Oklahoma pass stricter dog laws. Border collies herd, pointers point, and pit bulls maul by … The family dog is believed to be an 8-year old pit bull. See for yourself. That dog is why I have loved German Shepherds ever since. WATCH: A video of a dog attacking a horse on a beach near Wollongong. I know it probably distresses the hard-core Animals Are Equal to Humans people for me to say this, but it’s true nonetheless — domesticated dogs are man’s creation, and so their entire purpose is one of relationship to our species. Play Video. On a dog that hurts us. Make a splash, yell to the dog, wait for her to come to the rescue.

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